Kishor Ratanlal Kumeriya

Former Deputy Mayor, Group Leader M.N.P. Shiv Sena Councilor, Nagpur

I Kishore Kumeriya was born into a religious Maharashtrian family. My father is Mr.Ratan Lal Kumeriya served as Gramsevak, He is the devotee of Saint Tukdoji Maharaj. I imbibed and still exercise the compassionate humanitarian nature of my parents to support the needy.

I have completed high school in Nagpur. I always had an inclination towards social service. I still imagine working for the betterment of my motherland as a young child.

At a very young age, I have joined politics and served in Maharashtra government as Councilor & Mayor of Nagpur during 2007-2014. I have become the face of Shivsena in Nagpur.

I am actively involved in one of the most intensive works of creating huge job opportunities for young men and women.

I was especially inspired and driven by Rashtriya Swayam Seva Sanghh’s nationalist nature and vision (RSS). In my meeting with the Honorable Central Minister, Shri Udhhav Thakreji, As an elder brother, he helped me to fulfill my dreams and functioned as a foundation. Shri Udhhav Thakreji wanted me to be a representative of his party, So this one step profoundly transformed my perspective and set me on a remarkable journey to represent  Shivsena.

My Political Journey So Far –

I have joined Shivsena at a very young age(14), Completed 23 years as a public representative.

Shivsena Nagpur Head, From 1996 to 2007

Sub Divisional Head (2007 till now)

Councillor Division Number 6 (2002-2007)

Councillor Division Number 130 (2007-2012)

Councillor Division Number 46 (2012-2017)

Councillor Division Number 28 ( 2017-)

Deputy Mayor (Shiv Sena 2007-2009)

Executive Mayor( Shiv Sena 2007)

Chairperson – Nehru Nagar Zone (2012)

Group Leader – Nagpur Municipal (2017 till now)

Family Introduction

  1. Father – Mr.Ratan Lal Kumeriya(Gramsevak– Retired).
  2. Mother – Mrs.Janki Kumeriya(Social worker).
  3. Wife – Mrs.Mamta Kumeriya(Social worker, Business, BA, B.Lib & M.Lib)
  4. Brother- Doc.Ravi Kumeriya(Business-PhD, MSc, MBA, BE, PG-Diploma).

Being a politician, I assume I am overwhelmed with the golden opportunity of encouraging people in the best way possible. Politics is not a profession for me, I believe “Support to others is the cost you give for your space here on the planet,” I promise to take my party to greater heights and encourage others for their development.